What we offer:

  • Free Advertising- In our attractive guide

  • Free Website Advertising - Your ad will be displayed on our website.

  • Increased Presence- Your company will be displayed island wide and internationally through Traveler’s Price Card advertising including websites, magazines, banners, posters and video commercials.

  • Flexibility- You can choose to create your Ad, or have it done by our professional staff. You choose your Ad size, design and special offer without limitations.

  • Customized Service- Our staff is always available to assist.
     We consider anyone advertising with Traveler’s Price Card to be our partner, and therefore do our utmost to assist with supplemental marketing needs at minimal prices (e.g. flyers, advertisements, websites etc.)


Special Offers:

Traveler’s Price Card is taking the initiative to promote Bermuda’s attractions and activities to tourists without expensing companies. In exchange for free advertising and nominal rates for larger options, we request that your company provide a ‘special offer’ exclusively to any visitor who is a holder of Traveler’s Price Card - to be listed in the guide.

We encourage you to use this special offer as a flexible opportunity to promote any offerings for which you would like to increase awareness and sales; also as a way to set your limits to ensure value is also added to your company through Traveler’s Price Card.

The Traveler’s Guide will be accompanied by a Traveler’s Price Card. This card will be sold to travelers for $10 and can be used to claim special offers listed in the guide which adds value to their Bermuda experience as the potential savings quickly averts the price.

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