Traveler’s Price Card was developed due to market research on declining overall tourism based revenues and has resulted in 2 major conclusions:

i) Many tourists are not fully aware of all activities and attractions which Bermuda hosts;

ii) For many visitors, Bermuda’s prices are perceived to be high
Our vision is a simple yet creative solution aiming to enhance revenue generation among the tourism segment of Bermuda.

Traveler’s Price Card was launched in May 2011 and the following are some of our major milestones:
    •    9,000 Traveler’s Price Card units brought to Bermuda
    •    Over  70 locations represented
    •    Featured product of Bermuda Winter Promotion
    •    Featured product at events (e.g. Bermuda Rugby Classic )
    •    Part of Bermuda Tourism Promotions
    •    Distributed through major tourist hotspots
    •    Represented in various newsletters and articles

The TPC Team


Nhuri Bashir

Chief Executive Officer

Nhuri, CEO, Co-founded Traveler's Price Card in 2011 with the specific aim of giving the Bermuda vacationer more options at better rates. Nhuri is a self-proclaimed travel junkie and loves a good deal. He specializes in Product Development and Customer Service  and ensures that the customer is always put first.


Sherice Bashir

Chief Financial Officer

Sherice has had experience both academically and professionally in the field of tourism. Her ingenuity and passion for detail, along with her ability to analyze and execute has made her a valuable member of the TPC Team and an immediate point of contact with many TPC partners. Sherice has a BA from Saint Mary's University in Canada and an MBA from the University of Kent in the UK